First Presbyterian Day School

After School Care - The Company & Crusader Circle

Crusader Circle (K3 & K4) and The Company (kindergarten - sixth grade) are First Presbyterian Day School’s after-school care programs available for any currently enrolled student.

Extra-curricular activities are offered at an additional expense. You will not be charged for Company or Crusader Circle while your child is participating. For more information on these activities.

The Company and Crusader Circle begin the first full day of school and are open only full days when school is in session. (The Company and Crusader Circle are not available when school dismisses for a half-day.)

Parents must fill out an online intent form each year to indicate that their child will attend after-school care. You will receive information regarding this via email in July.

Parents should send a late-afternoon snack for students staying past 3 p.m.

Hours: 12:15 p.m. until 6:00 p.m.

Cost: $4.75 per student per hour
(Note: A $15 per quarter hour, or any part thereof, will be charged for students picked up after 6 p.m.)

Billing: At the end of each month, you will be billed for the time your child spent in after-school care. A computerized system will be used to keep a record of each child’s stay throughout the month.


Students who stay for Crusader Circle will have lunch at 12:15. Preschoolers can bring their own lunch or purchase a meal from the cafeteria, which will be delivered to the preschool area.

After lunch, students will have a short rest time followed by activities and free play outside or in the gym.

Parents will park on Belhaven Street or Pinehurst Street to pick up students from Crusader Circle. Students will also have the option to be accompanied to the kindergarten suite at 2:45 carpool, so that parents picking up older siblings may meet them there. Siblings are not permitted to pick up preschool students from Crusader Circle.


Kindergartners go directly to The Company at 12:15 p.m. Lunch will be served immediately. Your child may bring his lunch, purchase it in the cafeteria, or bring lunch and purchase milk and/or a dessert in the cafeteria.