First Presbyterian Day School

School Uniforms


The uniform policy of FPDS encourages an atmosphere of learning and eliminates competition in dress. Our school desires cooperation from both students and parents in order for the uniform policy to work well.

Teachers will monitor student dress each day and will issue warning slips to any student violating the dress code. The administrative team will randomly inspect student dress and issue dress code violations as needed. If your child receives a dress code violation notice, please help him or her correct the violation and sign and return the slip to school the next day. Please note that in some cases, a student may be asked to call his or her parents to bring different clothing to correct a violation. Students who do not take care of dress code violations involving hair within a seven-day period will be sent home until hair is cut to meet school requirements. Students who are repeat offenders of the dress code policy may face detention or suspension. The administrative team reserves the right to initiate revisions to the dress code as needed during the school year. Parents and students will be notified of any revisions that are made.

Lands' End is the school’s uniform provider. Uniforms can be purchased online at

Parker Uniform items and outewear purchased from the Crusader Store may be worn until May 2020.

On some occasions, FPDS will offer apparel for sale through "Team Shop" online ordering that the administration has approved to be worn to school as part of the uniform. Those items will be “marketed” as official dress code wear.


  • All approved uniforms may be purchased through Lands' End or at the FPDS Uniform Swap Shop.
  • Only FPDS outerwear is allowed to be worn in the classrooms/buildings and at PE/ recess during academic hours. (May be purchased through  Lands' End or Crusader Store.)
  • Boys are required to wear belts with pants and shorts, with all shirts tucked in.
  • A plain, white undershirt, camisole, or long-sleeve t-shirt may be worn under shirts, but must be tucked in.
  • Girls’ shirts are not tucked in.
  • Jumpers and skirts must be no more than 6 inches above the floor in kneeling position. Skorts must have the original hemline from the store — no hemming. Girls must wear plain, navy blue modesty shorts or leggings.
  • Shorts worn on class picnics, field trips, etc., must measure no more than 6 inches from the floor in a kneeling position.
  • The school will provide an FPDS t-shirt free of charge that will be worn on special activity days, field trips, etc.
  • All shoes must be closed-toe, rubber soled, with heels no higher than 2 inches and boots no taller than ankles.
  • All socks must be visible and white, navy blue, or grey-colored. Small branding logos are allowed as long as the socks meet the prescribed guidelines. Students may also wear FPDS socks sold by the school.
  • All hair should be neat with no extreme styles or hair colors. Boys’ haircuts must be trimmed neatly above the eyebrows, not touching the back collar of the shirt, with sides no longer than the earlobes.
  • Uniforms, outerwear, and shoes should be in good condition (not ripped, faded, ragged, or with holes) and should be appropriately fitted to each child.
  • Be sure to label all jackets and clothes with your child’s name.
  • Lost uniform pieces are placed in the “lost and found” bin in the gym.


  • Hunter green FPDS sweatshirt or fleece
  • Blue cardigan sweater or navy windbreaker, both with FPDS monogram
  • FPDS sweatshirt with FPDS logo sold through Crusader Store or Lands' End
  • Note that outerwear with the older 1st Pres logo is still acceptable to wear


For picture days, K3-K4 girls are required to wear the light blue preschool dress. Boys are required to wear a short-sleeve navy or light blue shirt (mesh or cotton) with khaki shorts or pants.


For chapel and school picture days, kindergarten through second grade girls are required to wear the plaid jumper with peter pan (rounded) collared white shirt. Boys are required to wear a navy or white shirt with khaki shorts or pants.


For chapel and school picture days, third through sixth grade girls are required to wear the plaid skirt with square-collared white shirt. Boys are required to wear a navy or white shirt with khaki shorts or pants.